English Extras In Business with A, An, and The

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Best Educational Software award
2011 BESSIE Awards Winner

In Business with A, An, and The

English Extras® In Business with A, An, and The is an English grammar software game for adults, college students, and young adults who are learning English.

It lets ESL and EFL students master the English articles a, an, and the without a teacher or textbook.

This fun ESL software game takes you inside an imaginary American company to hire employees. If you learn the articles, you'll win a big management job in San Francisco!

  • Hints and advice help you find your mistakes yourself before you look at the answers.
  • Detailed scores show your progress and the areas you need to review.
  • Corrective feedback explains your mistakes to you.
  • Learn to hear a, an, and the by listening to 11 different native English speakers.
  • Practice with hundreds of exercise items in realistic business documents such as job descriptions and meeting agendas.
  • 100 Business English idioms build your vocabulary. Click a button to hear how each idiom is pronounced.
  • Stuck on an exercise? Go to the company's reference library. It has explanations and examples of all the English article rules. There are charts, listening drills, and other tools, too.

In Business with A, An, and The is for intermediate and advanced ESL and EFL students. It's easy to use at home or in the school language laboratory. You don't need a teacher or a textbook.

It's easy to learn the English articles with In Business!