Customer Testimonials

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Kingsville, Texas

The Intensive English Program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville attracts students from around the world. Students from Mexico and South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East benefit from the IEP's small classes and dedicated instructors.

Since the English articles are a common troublespot, the IEP has In Business with A, An, and The in its computer lab. "In Business is very helpful in improving students' accuracy with articles in conversation and writing," says Lyneen Williams, IEP Instructor. "The students feel it's very relevant to what they're trying to achieve at the IEP."

Citrus College

Citrus College
Glendora, California

Citrus College is a two-year community college. It offers ESL classes to its international students, who come to Citrus from all over the world.

Students use In Business with A, An, and The in the language laboratory. Maria Azpeitia, ESL Lab Supervisor, says the students particularly like the listening practice in In Business. “Students really enjoy working with this software because it not only has them focus on the grammatical aspect, but also on the listening and speaking aspects,” she says. “They've told me that the listening aspect is quite difficult, but it has helped them. They truly do enjoy the software because it helps them practice their conversational/listening skills, which are eventually reflected in their writing.”

Arlington Heights Memorial Library

Arlington Heights Memorial Library
Arlington Heights, Illinois

The Arlington Heights Memorial Library is in a suburb of Chicago. It is one of the largest libraries in Illinois. Each year its ESL/Literacy Office serves over 900 adults who speak English as a Second Language. It offers them free ESL classes, conversation lessons, and a computer language lab with self-study software.

These adult ESL students have many native languages, including Russian, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. They are at various levels of proficiency in English.

The library installed In Business with A, An, and The in the lab for the students to use on their own. "In Business fills a gap that other programs have overlooked," says Katalin Zsupan, ESL/Literacy Specialist at the library. "Students whose native languages don’t have articles often have problems with English articles and want extra help."

In Business has been very popular at the library. The students like its realistic content, which is aimed at adult learners. They love its idioms with pop-up definitions and sound. The software’s graphics and visual design make it realistic and enjoyable.

"The program really holds your interest and encourages you to keep going. The mixture of text and listening tasks keeps you focused and challenged. Feedback lets you know how you’re doing and gives you helpful advice along the way," Ms. Zsupan says.

Ms. Zsupan is delighted with the results. All of her students have improved their accuracy with articles by using In Business with A, An, and The. She says, "Intermediate, advanced, and TOEFL preparation students have all improved, and they’ve all enjoyed working on it!"